Saturday, July 11, 2009

Adventures In Party Crashing

So Friday I got an email from a Navy Tweep "I'm going to be in Boston in August. Can we meet up and say 'Hi'?" Well of course! We pick a date and time and I say "You're on the calendar!"

See? That's how it's supposed to work!

Schippert didn't get the memo.

I randomly see this Tweet on Friday - "Driving wife's Outback to Boston. Have friends there but no time to meet, play. Good thing wife's friends are cool though. Day wd suck worse"

I respond "HEY!!! SCHIPPERT! You are coming to Boston?" Followed by "I am calling for support here - @Steve_Schippert is coming to Boston - make him find time for a drink with me"

And I called him names.

So, he came back and gave me a location. Good thing for him!

Then he reminds me "If you see me, remember to walk backwards so I can recognize you by your hair!" He was being a wish guy about my pic here & avatar on Twitter.....we've met.

So this evening I went up to his friend's house and walked in on their party "Hi, I'm Maggie....I'm crashing your party!"

Everyone was very friendly and gracious about letting me barge in on what was clearly an "inner circle" event.

After spending about an hour, I took my leave....with an even higher opinion of Schippert. You're judged by the company you keep buddy and you made out pretty well tonight.

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