Friday, July 10, 2009

A Drug Deal In Front of My House

Jen's fridge was broke last week. She has a prescription that needs to be refrigerated. So it was in my fridge. Her fridge is fixed, but we forgot about her stuff until now when she needs it.

She texts "Are you home? Can I swing by?"

I text "Yes, can you bring me a can of Coke?"

She rolls up and hands me a can and a baggie "This is the saddest drug deal ever. Here, I made cookies."


I came out on top on this one. Jen makes great cookies! Only our mother's are better.
That rotten SB!

We were on the phone and I was recapping my day (he said he wanted to forget his) and I finished with this story.

Then I said "Where is my reward for waiting patiently for you to call?"

He replied "You got cookies."

"But they were for taking care of Jen's stuff! You can't ride Jen's coattails!"

He laughed. Bastid. He didn't even have to say it. We both know - of course he can ride her coattails.
Rotten Jen

Jen sends me a text, ripping me for "letting" her watch "Knowing". I liked it, she didn't. She said I'll have to say ten novenas fin order God to forgive me for "making" her watch it. "I can't find that gun I held to your head. Can you check the seat cushions?" then I sent a text explaining that her BFF was trying to ride her coattails.

I got back one word "Ungrateful!"

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