Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Sisters Have To Work Sooooo Hard

My sisters have to work soooo hard pounding my ego back down.

This kinda thing doesn't help - says;

BostonMaggie is a persona
You have built a personal brand around your identity. There is a good chance that you work in social media or marketing but you might even be famous in real life. Being a persona is not just about having a ton of followers, to make it to the top right corner you need to engage with your audience. Make no mistake about it though, when you talk people listen.

My Klout score was 65 and you can view it here.

It also says that I am possibly influenced by my fav Tweeps @navynews and @flynavy.....hmmmmm, you think, lol!

I can see Grace & Jen rolling their eyes now!

But really, it's not all in my head. Last Friday my cousin Chrissie was visiting a friend in Panama City. This friend is a Navy Chief who has family in Charlestown. The Chief had to stop by work - the Navy's Experimental Diving Unit and pick something up. Chrissy tagged along. She asked the Chief if she could get a T-shirt for her cousin who was a Navy fan. Another person in the office noticed Chrissie's unmistakable Boston accent and asked if she knew BostonMaggie. How funny is that? Chrissie had to establish the truth of her claim to be my cousin by citing a story about herself in the blog. The Chrissie bag. Then I start getting Twipics (which I can't blog because Chrissie wasn't ready to be photographed) and updates on her tour of the Experimental Diving Unit!!!!

Later when they returned to the Chief's home and told their respective husbands about this, the Chief's spouse - also a Navy Chief - told Chrissie that of course he knew who I was. He said he didn't read blogs, but "BostonMaggie knows people, she gets invited on ships and everything." I interrupted Chrissie and asked "Is my friend Billy (Chrissie's husband, who is the GREATEST guy) impressed with this story?" She laughed and said yes.

Well that's all that matters.

Twitter makes the world smaller.....and boosts my ego to ridiculous proportions.

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