Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Highlight of The Sunset Parade

Tonight I was in the Charlestown Navy Yard for the Sunset Parade with the officers and crew of USS Constitution.

There was a reviewing stand and next to it, reserved seating. I got the front row and three of the four marching bands performed right in front of my spot.....excellent!

Afterwards I was talking to people I know and teasing Commander Bullard's son about the treat I brought. Commander Bullard called to me to come over and meet the gentleman he was standing with.

CAPT Thomas Hudner, USN (ret.), MOH recipient

I was completely tongue-tied. I think. Because I don't remember a single thing I said.

It was my absolute honor, sir.

It was the highlight of my evening.
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Thomas J. Hudner, USN Is congratulated by Mrs. Daisy P. Brown, widow of Ensign Jesse L. Brown, after he received the Medal of Honor from President Truman at the White House, 13 April 1951.LtJG Hudner was awarded the medal for attempting to rescue Ensign Brown, who had been shot down by enemy fire near the Chosin Reservoir, North Korea, on 4 December 1950. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives


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the douglas munro story is a good MOH story.