Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Congratulations Phib!

Five years of the Salamander
I can not thank him enough for the laughs I have had over there. But more importantly, the insights his blog has provided.

In the post, CDR S lists people who have influenced/helped him. Every blogger has such a list and he is high up on mine.

I enjoy what blogging about the Navy has brought me......later this week for example, I will be front and center at the Change of Command for Old Ironsides. I don't have to crash, I was writing. These wonderful things I have, are due in large part to other Navy bloggers like Phib.

He was also very helpful and supportive in the run up to my little deployment on Kearsarge.

Lastly, he has always been very gracious about my email blasts that usually start with "I want...."; "I Need......"; or "Help me......"

Congratulations on five years.


Chuck Simmins said...

Unless I missed it, you managed to send him lots of love without linking to his site. Bad Maggie! Bad!

BostonMaggie said...

The link is embedded in "Five Years of the Salamnder". It's the first line. It's in the largest typeface blogger gives me.

It doesn't mean I am not Bad Maggie though.

Boquisucio said...

Boy time is sure fun when you're having flies. Seems like yesterday when a little page on the web started something called "A Blog".

Lt. Smash was my first MilBlog, followed shortly thereafter by the quirky Castle Argghhh!, and Cdr. Salamander of course. Back then all was new.

BostonMaggie said...

Ahh, Smash.....what a nice guy. Met him at the first (?) second(?) Milblog Conference. Our little Fuzzy Bee had quite the "thing" for him.