Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thank you CDR LaBrec & LT Braesch USCG Public Affairs

And thank you Eric C. Jones, Captain, USCG Commanding Officer, USCGC Eagle who was there to greet us as we came aboard.

I had the best time!

It was beautiful.

I promise there will be pics. There were several people taking pics and I made friends! You know me, if there is a way to ride someone else's coattails, I'll find it.

I got up at 0530 with a plan to leave by 0600. Sadly, that plan did not include a shower.

So there will be a better post and pics later.

For now.....I'll repeat my Tweets. Sent a few from the ship;

"Just transfered from Pendent to another boat in preparation to board USCG Barque Eagle"

"On board USCG Eagle. Whew! Some people made a point of making the leap unassisted. Not me! I gladly took the hand extended!"

"I came across with many people who have family who are crew members. I also met someone who was with the Coast Guard Foundation. "

"As Eagle's crew prepares to get underway, I am watching them hose down the anchor. We are discussing what might be drawn up from the bottom"

"I say that I might not want to know. One of Eagle's crew assures me that the quality of Boston Harbor is much improved in recent years."

"USGS Eagle is gliding across Boston Harbor. It is completely different from USS Kearsarge. No vibration."

"We are approaching George's Island - Boston shrouded in heavy mist just beyond. USGC Eagle"

"I left barely an hour ago & didn't actually leave Boston Harbor - but as USCG Eagle brings me in sight of the Bunker Hill Monument...."

"Someone please DM me. what is the ship P31"

(and Twitter comes through from @chucksimmins @FBL1 @NavyCS & @coastie79 - the answer was the Irish Navy's flagship LE Eithne)

"Chuck you rock! Irish Navy Eithne. Thanks"

"@NavyCS do you think I can BS my way aboard P31 Eithne?"

(which sadly I was not able to do - tours begi at 4 pm. If I hadn't skipped showering I would have goe to my parent's house and napped until 4 pm - but I was wiped and stinky)

"USCG Eagle is securing behind Old Ironsides. People are lined up on the pier, waiting to come aboard. There were a few rain drops but...."

"Sadly, the Irish Navy did not *KNOW* who I was. LOL I was unable to BS, cajole, beg my way aboard. Tours started at 1600. Boo!"

"Thank you CDR Ron LaBrec & LT Connie Braesch of U.S. Coast Guard Public Affairs for arranging my fabulous morning aboard USCG Eagle"

OK, off to shower and sleep for a bit.

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Connie Braesch said...

You are very welcome Maggie. I am glad you had a good time.

Connie Braesch
USCG Public Affairs Officer

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Ryan Erickson said...

Glad you had a good time!