Monday, July 27, 2009

So, Who Is this BostonMaggie Anyway?

When I started this nonsense back in October of 2005 - after two abortive attempts - I guarded my identity. You know, it's the Internets and the Internets is a scary place.

But as time has passed and I have met more and more of my "imaginary" friends my alias has caused some confusion.

Certainly, I am always over explaining things when I do some Navy thing and I'm asked who I am. What should I say? My real name? My blog name? What if I need to show ID? What if I explain it all and sound like Rainman?

And then there is the whole picture nonsense. For a while it was a bowl of M&Ms. Then it was the back of my head as I stood with my friend Mr. Andi listening to the Armorer (BTW - the fabulous Andi and my friend Mr. Andi are coming to Boston & I am sooooo excited!). Then it was the pic from the Milblog shoot-out.

I chose BostonMaggie for a name because Maggie was a high school nickname. When I was young, St Francis held a May Procession each spring. The nuns would chose a first grader to play Mary, the Mother of God. In May, 1966 I was selected. Fast forward to 1978 and I was explaining this to some friends, when Mark burst out with "Mary, the Mother of GOD!!! More like Mary Magdalene!" And thus, I was Maggie. (Can you see why my parents abhor this nickname?) When I was first surfing the 'net I used Maggie because it was familiar. Besides, wouldn't you be disappointed if I didn't have an alias at the suits me.

So Friday, driving home from USS Constitution's Change of Command, I decided to write this I am. My name is Diane....but you can still call me Maggie. (Oh, and I am cheating, this is a pre-chemotherapy pic)


Tom Goering said...

So you have found the cure to multiple on-line identity syndrome! I am still going to call you Maggie... wait, how about D'Maggie :)

Galrahn said...

And there I was thinking I knew something no one else did, but alas, the internet reminds me I am special only in the short bus sense.

Anonymous said...

A person in a position to know the facts once told me that, “If you're not cheating you're not trying.”


B. Walthrop

Desert Sailor said...

Ah, but...once a "Maggie" always, eh?
Keep it up girl, you do good things!

Fermina Daza said...

The funny thing is that when you sent me a card in the mail, it came from "Diane" and I had the hardest time figuring out who the HELL Diane was!

You'll always be Maggie to me :)