Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today I Start Bisphosphonate

Again, a little peeved. I found out about this in passing. When I called two weeks ago to move this appointment because of the delay in obtaining the Revlimid....she said "Oh by the way, count on being here an extra hour for the IV." Excuse me? This is how I found out the answer to my previously faxed question "Should I be on a bisphosphonate?"

No other info. I had to go out on my own and read about it. That's how I know that it's a good idea to pre-medicate with two Tylenol (325mg) to counter the possible side effects.

I have a headache and I am cranky.

My suggestion? Stay away from me.

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Barb said...

So you're saying it's a good thing I'm way over here in Seattle, I guess?