Monday, December 08, 2008

I Don't See How This Is My Fault

Suppose you were me.

Suppose you got an email from someone who provided you with certain opportunities to particpate in military/civilian don't know.......conference calls about current events in the military.

Suppose that person were someone you thought highly of and always tried to behave around. (Remember, if you are me, the behaving part is difficult and takes effort)

Now suppose that you get an email from this person (who again always behaves in the most professional way).

In the subject line is Yama Sakura.

Yama Sakura? You know where my mind went.

How was I supposed to know Yama Sakura is a yearly command post exercise designed to strengthen military operations and ties between the U.S. Army and the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force sponsored by U.S. Army Japan and the Japanese GroundStaff Office. It is I Corps' largest and most important exercise in Japan.

I mean - really!


Stella by Starlight said...

Is this part of the anti-Godzilla task force?

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you're not a Marine Corps fan. You'd really have a filthy mind then.

Anonymous said...

Yama Sakura? It's Japanese for "Mountain Cherry Tree Blossom."