Saturday, December 06, 2008

My Head Is THIS BIG!!!!

****UPDATE****Jen read the ID post. "Good Lord. How much did you pay this guy? Why is Maggie important???" Then she made her voice high and flighty - that is how she portrays me - "Because I tell you I'm important constantly, that's why!" See? What ego could stand up to that? I'm all back to normal.******

LOL, traffic here at my little slice of the blogosphere is up today and I was puzzled. So I look in the sitemeter and find links from this post.

Using Freedom For Reaching The Human Network
People like Maggie are critical to the Navy in reaching Americans, because she talks to people as a hobby and is good at it, and her interest includes the Navy. That makes Maggie, and everyone else who comes on that ship today and tomorrow for a tour a VIP to CHINFO, and anything short of VIP treatment will hurt a ship that can sell itself OK, and with a little personal attention, can sell itself beyond anything else the Navy has that can pull into an American port.

Don't worry, once Jen, Grace, my Mum, SB and the rest read this nonsense about me, they'll make sure my ego is properly deflated. LOL

But for the moment.....I have the most ridiculous smile on my face.

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