Friday, December 19, 2008

A New Find and Some Stolen Stuff

First off - how did this happen? There is a Navy blog out there I didn't know about. Sure, sure I know there are some I haven't seen, but this guy is local for me; a Red Sox and Pats fan and conservative. How did I miss him?

More to the point - why didn't he check in with me?


Anyway, he had, from what I've seen so far this year, the best Army/Navy spirit spot. Again this year, it was from Army. Just an aside to the Army - You know, if you spent more time on the game than the spirit might win a game, kids.

I thought this was stole it.

Thanks NavyTim and good luck there in Djibouti. I'll be keeping an eye on you.

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Anonymous said...

Sox, Pats, and no moonbats with me. Just saw this. Having issues with the website at the moment - but -connections are tough from the sand.