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December 7th

Do I have to explain that? Do you need links?

If you do, then I don't know what you are doing here at my place and you should leave.

I'll even give you a sec.....after all it's Brit's birthday, Jim's too. If that was their first thought, I'm ok with that.

OK, everyone with me? Now read this article and tell me that if it's at all possible for you to be in the Charlestown Navy Yard today at 1230.......isn't that where you should be?

A day they'll never forget
Few remain to mark 67th anniversary of attack on Pearl Harbor
After a lifetime of war, work, child-rearing, and retirement, the ravages of age have largely accomplished what Japanese warplanes could not do 67 years ago today.
The survivors of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor have been decimated by death and disability. And today, when a memorial ceremony is held at the Charlestown Navy Yard, only one survivor is expected to make his way to the fantail of a World War II destroyer to toss a wreath into Boston Harbor.
"The ones who won't be there either can't make it or they're dead," said Don Tabbut, 85, a stooped Navy veteran who will step aboard the USS Cassin Young. "I'm still doing my best."

"I'm still doing my best."

Yes sir. Thank you sir.

And that's why everyone who reads this should do their best to honor this man and all those like him.

Read the rest of the Globe's article here. It was a good one.

There's actually lot's to do in the Navy Yard today, I posted about it here. You can make a day of it, there are plenty of places to eat near there. If it get's too cold you can pop in to the USS Constitution museum and enjoy your history in a toastier setting.

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