Monday, December 22, 2008

Jen & Her BFF

SB knew I was not feeling well yesterday. Steroid day. Bad head cold.

Last night as Jen and I sat on opposite ends of the couch after dinner, watching an episode of "Criminal Minds"......playing our roles as Statler and Waldorf.....SB sent a text.

"Feeling any better?"

"I am at death's door."

"Has anyone contacted a priest?"

I read the last one out loud. Jen looked over at me with such a look! She was ready to rip whoever sent that a new one. Jen, like me, has no poker face. Who would dare mock my state? After all, that is the pervue of my sisters, isn't it?

I held up the phone - "Your BFF."

She pulled the collar of her sweatshirt up over her face, but not before I saw the great big grin.

"Oh sure! It's funny when he says it. You were ready to rip the still beating heart out of the chest of the person who said this....until you realized who it was!" I called him and told him and at that point she was choking with laughter.

I can't fight them both in my weakened state.

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