Monday, June 05, 2006

USS Cole

I missed this story on Friday. Jen told me yesterday. She smugly told me that I don't watch enough Bill O'Reilly.

Associated Press
USS Cole to Deploy to Middle East
By SONJA BARISIC , 06.02.2006, 07:58 PM

The USS Cole is heading to the Middle East for the first time since a terrorist bomb killed 17 sailors aboard the Navy ship in Yemen's port of Aden nearly six years ago.

The Norfolk-based guided missile destroyer is one of seven ships with 6,000 sailors and Marines leaving the East Coast next week to conduct security operations in support of the war on terrorism, the Navy announced Friday. They'll be gone six months.

Some ships will leave Tuesday, while others, including the Cole, will depart Thursday, said Lt. Mike Kafka, a spokesman for the Navy's Second Fleet, in Norfolk

This will be on my mind Thursday.

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