Monday, June 12, 2006

A Great Cause...

Hello, all! I'm FbL of Fuzzilicious Thinking. Maggie has kindly handed me the keys to this place so that I can tell you about a wonderful way to support the troops.

Valour-IT is a program that supplies voice-controlled laptops to wounded warriors with hand or arm injuries that prevent them from using normal keyboards. By reconnecting the wounded with their loved ones and giving them a sense of independence, these laptops have a tremendous effect on morale and recovery. However, Valour-IT has run out of funds. Right now we have a waiting list of eleven wounded warriors who need our help, and the list is still growing.

Marine Lt. Gen. Amos recently said:

When we send them off to do the nation's bidding in a place like Afghanistan or Iraq and they're wounded, we're not returning the same individual... When we send them back wounded there is a piece of me that says I haven't kept my bargain. What's left for me to do is to continue taking care of them. [source]
It's left to more than generals to continue taking care of them. It's left to all of us. And part of how we take care of the wounded is by helping them reconnect and rediscover their self-sufficiency in a way that supports their recovery. A voice-activated Valour-IT laptop is a huge part of that support.

When I shared the article about Lt. Gen. Amos with someone who has a great deal of expertise in leadership and management, her instant reply was, "What a leader!" Yes. And like any good leader, Amos is leading by example. Will you follow?
"It's a function of loyalty," the 59-year-old general said. "In Marine speak, it means fidelity. It's a wonderful word not used very often - except in the Marine Corps. It means faithful. It implies faithful almost to a fault...

"I owe it to them."
So do we.

Please donate here. Every bit helps.

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