Thursday, June 29, 2006

Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit

So last night I'm listening to the BBC and they have a spokesperson from the UN lamenting the fact that the White House has not stated vigorously enough their opposition to Israel's current actions. Gee..........could that be because we applaud it. Sure, diplomats from the US are saying please don't break anything. But if they are anything like me, they are applauding Israel's actions. The current situation began when Hamas kidnapped a young Israeli soldier named Gilad Shalit. Militants are taunting Israel over this incident. Palestinians are taking to the streets holding signs applauding this crime. Israel's response.................they have taken the "terrier" aproach. They have Hamas and their supporters by the scruff of the neck and they are just going to shake them until they turn that kid loose. That's a perfect response to this crime. It's not war, it's crime. Just like any other crime syndicate kidnapping a cop would be dealt with. surround their hideout. Arrest their cohorts. Shut off the power and water. Send in the negotiator. I think it's great.

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