Thursday, June 08, 2006

The List Of People Who Should Bite Me......


Let's add Michael Berg.

We have to add him here because I have been admonished over at The Castle. Over at The Castle there are rules. I will obey the rules, grudgingly, because I like hanging at The Castle.

Here is a link to the comments for a post about Zarqawi.

I said:

Dear Michael Berg,

Sorry your son was stupid, sorry, I meant *beheaded*.

But as for your statements today - bite me.

Princess Crabby

The Armorer responded with:

John of Argghhh! briefed on June 8, 2006 05:05 PM
Rulez, Maggie, Rulez. Message. Not messenger. Even Princess Crabby.

My answer:

My apologies - I thought Mr. Berg had made himself the message, using his son's poor decision making skills to catapult himself onto the national stage.

Is there a list of people I can't tell to bite me?

Feel free to remove my comment. I have moved it to my place where as The Red Queen says..........

"All ways are my ways"

*unrepentant grin*


jarhead john said...

That's a shame. You should be able to fire off a "bite me," at whomever you'd like.

BostonMaggie said...

That's why I hang over at your place baby....where Gawfer and I can misbehave!

John of Argghhh! said...

JJ - What Maggie said. One of the reasons I have the Rulez is to aid in maintaining a place of relative calm. Maggie can find bars full of drunken swearing sailors all over the place (she has a map, rated for relative quality of sailor-butt), I try to provide a place a little more upscale. And it works, it keeps the trolls out.

Call it branding.

Plus, I've had troubles with the service (especially AF) net-nannys before. We've just been through a round with the Army getting the milblogs unblocked because of content.

Maggie actually can use a "bite me" in the appropriate threads.

This just wasn't one of them.

And I appreciate her understanding.

And unlike lefties, who want to cram crap down our throats and get upset when we don't smile sweetly and say "Thank you sir! May I have another!?!" Maggie's *grudging* acceptance is understood and appreciated. She can even throw a glass in the fireplace in frustration if she wants.

I'll just add it to her tab.

SK said...

Jeez Maggie...I think we may have the same list!

Boquisucio said...

I got it! don't say: Byte Mee. Say: Masticate Right Here!

oldloadr said...

Maggie - Re: your last comment to me at Castle Arrgggh! "Yes, but there's the added bonus of being in Princess Crabby's good graces. doesn't that just *make* your Friday?
Actually, due to the time difference here in beautiful Baghdad, it made my Saturday to be in your good graces.

Your humble servant...