Thursday, June 01, 2006

How Painful Was This!!!!!

But at least I didn't have to go through it alone! Jennifer decided at the last minute to go with me. We had a pretty good time overall. I hate to use a tired phrase.....but the place was full of moonbats. The three panelists were so anti-OIF (yes I knew that going in) and so anti-Bush (yes I knew that going in). It was ridiculous. The cherry picking of history. The nitpicking with not only no viable alternative at all. James Carrollwas there discussing his new book "House of War". I thought there would be more talk about the Pentagon....but no. Mr. Carroll literally said "Iraq is broke, we can't fix it. We must go." That's it. That's his grand scheme. Just pack up and leave. Incredible. Also, he feels that Jimmy Carter gave the best inaugural address (LOL)........Mikhail Gorbachev was a hero, Reagan just went along (Margaret Thatcher was not even mentioned). He looked like he had a headache the whole time and at one point his face got so red I was nervous. If he ever gets over his inner turmoil about his Dad and the Pentagon.....I hope he goes back to writing books like "Mortal Friends", and "The City Below"

The other panelist were just a off the wall. Robert Lifton & Irene Gendzier both hammered away at the fact that we are the cause of all the chaos in Iraq and America's disasterous foreign policy must be questioned, discussed and stopped. The most irritating point in the evening was Gedzier talking about "poll after poll" where the American people and those serving in Iraq want us to leave. An incredible, outright lie. At one point when she was really warming to the subject.....the sound system gave irritating, loud feedback. I turned to Jen and said it was God. The questions from the audience were just as bizarre. Why don't Americans understand? Why don't Americans inform themselves? (Here's a great one!) Why don't the papers and other news media show the "truth" about what is happening over there so Americans will wake up and demand answers. The first question from the floor wasn't a question at all it was a heavily accented woman trying to give her own speech about how American was about to attack Iran and everyone knows the U.N. is the U.S. - Jen and I laughed out loud at this and I turned to say "I wish"! Lifton conceded that you can't talk to Osama, but the said "W" was just as fanatical.
Usually these things have something that redeems them. I learn something new. Not tonight. Other than provoking a really interesting conversation with Jennifer - what would happen if we did indeed do what they was a disappointment. They just proved what Col. Hunt says....."They Just Don't Get It".

We continued our discussion over dinner........I had favorite savage appetizer........followed by more red meat. Jen & I both had the filet mignon (she's medium, I'm medium rare). It's what American girls eat.


Red A said...

Let's say we never invaded Iraq. One day, Saddam Hussein dies.

What happens next?

I would suspect you'd have a civil war worse than what we see now, especially if Qsay and Uday attempted to take over Saddam's role.

But, in that case, we could sit back and tut tut instead of having to do anything about it.

BostonMaggie said...

Are you suggesting that we should have just sent Saddam a box of those exploding cigars left over from our attempts on Castro? Or actually *waited* for him to die in his sleep?