Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bunker Hill Day

Today is "The 17th". I am going to Charlestown to celebrate the Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17th, 1775. The parade and accompanying celebrations are always the Sunday before the date. So today there will be an all-American tradition in Charlestown. It is not what it was when I was young....but then, what is? when I was young every street had parties that spilled into one another. You could just move along from one person's yard to another. Now the Town has changed and there are more Toonies. But I will still have fun. I will go to my parent's house and see cousins and uncles and aunts and old friends. We will all go *up the corner* to watch the parade. There will be firetrucks, police motorcycles, floats, high school bands, various youth groups and lots of politicians.

Plenty of marching bands and bagpipes.
I love bagpipes and Charlestown has the best - the Bunker Hill Pipe Band, K. of C. 62.

There will also be an abundance of Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and SSSSSSSSSAILRORS! In other words................a movable feast!

This striking picture was made with historic Bunker Hill Monument forming an inspiring background as a unit of hardened, tanned soldiers of an American fighting uit moved by in yesterday's big Bunker Hill Day parade.

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