Friday, October 14, 2011

OK, So You Know #OccupyBoston Is Making Me Crazy

You don't need to read the post to know that, huh?

They are allegedly fighting corruption by doing illegal things. Yeah, that makes sense.

They are trying to garner followers by aggravating the very people the purport to represent.

First off, I'm peeved they have no permits, etc., the way any other group would need to have. They are cowing local pols - yeah, I mean you Menino - and blatantly disobeying city regs.

Next, they tie up traffic on North Washington Street bridge and make a commute that is already miserable, more so. You know, for the working people they supposedly represent.

Then they try to expand into other areas, refuse to move, bait police and cry when they get arrested. All forms of stupidity irritate me. You dared them to arrest you....they did....shut up.

How can you make it worse? Well you can cause the cancellation of the Greenway Mobile Food Fest. You know, with my friend TSO's fav food truck, Roxy's Grilled Cheese. I was gonna saunter on over's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, and the Greenway just had all new plantings done. And now it's wrecked by people crying about their student loan debt.

But now, I'm really mad.

"'Occupy Boston' Protesters Spit on Coast Guard"

When I first heard the story on Twitter, it was a rumor and I waited. Then the local Fox affiliate reported it. So I started Tweeting about it.

Then opponents of FoxNews - FauxNews as they call it - and Occupy Boston backers said "No real news outlet is reporting it.

Fine says I..... I can get my own confirmation. So I emailed the PAO over in the North End. This was the reply.

Ms. Miller,

The assault did occur. We do not have an active statement. The Coast Guard member filed a report today with Boston Police Department and we have the utmost confidence in how they handle the situation. I hope this answers any questions you may have.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Luke Clayton

Still some on Twitter protest that it's not proof. For pity's sake! Take off your tinfoil hat. The Coast Guard has no dog in this fight. Read Admiral Neptun - who I have met - would not let this blossom into a news story if he didn't believe the Coastie involved.

I also told the doubters that I am certainly going to put more stock into the word of a uniformed member of the Coast Guard than I am in the protestations of the lawbreakers on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.


ChrisCicc said...

Me too, I'm doing my part...

Charity said...

It's all fun and games until they buy a boat 10 years from now, then go out in a storm and want someone to save their ass. That's utterly ridiculous.

Occupy Norfolk is equally wonderful, today they were hiking with their signs across the entrance to my favorite parking garage. Never mind the two lane street full of traffic forced to stop for them all. Obviously cross walks aren't their thing.

I personally couldn't care less what they do with their free time, but they need follow laws / rules, and not harass people.

Peter said...

It was more years ago than I like to think. During the Viet Nam war the Army flew most of it's troops back from the Land of Bad Things to Travis AFB just up Intersate 80 from San Francisco. They would then bus the soldiers to the big Army base in Oakland for processing and either leave or separation from active duty.

During the mid sixties the Army had to build a new fence to keep the soldiers out of spitting distance from the protesters. It was very much like a cattle chute, there was the normal chain link fence, then another fence some ten feet away.

I'd run into a little bad luck and was in the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, after I was able to navigate on my crutches well enough I got some passes. The big PX at the Army base was um, bigger and more well stocked, that double fence went up while I was there in '67. In those days the Bay Area cops didn't think much of us in the Services, probably because of the way so many judges gave young men the join or jail choice.

Spitting and even assaults on us in uniform, or even those of us with military haircuts was common. We did not report it, nor did we fight over it very often because of this. I know that by late '67 we were encouraged to not go on pass in San Francisco or Bezerkally in uniform or alone, of course those of us in the Hospital or in the various light duty assignments around the area were all dinged in one form or another.

Amputees were special targets. I doubt those were peaceniks, though, I think those were common criminals. I suspect there are a bunch of common criminals involved in the "occupy armies". I'll bet some of my small pension that there are a bunch of unreported rapes and suchlike coming out of those areas.

Anonymous said...

Watching all those children complain and cry makes me happy now that my mom said no to me at times. Like, "No you can't have all the toys on your list" and "No I will not buy you everything you want" or my favorite, "No life's not easy and things won't be handed to you, you have to WORK for them, and life's not always fair." Because of that, I'm not a spoiled brat who cries because I have to work two jobs I'm very over qualified for. Hey occupy Boston, here's an FYI, Obama's monopoly money wont' save you, just go ask the banks, which he "helped". Sometimes you have to roll with the punches and go work at the BK, go tweet that on your iphones.