Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reprinted With Much Love

Red Journalism: Michael Yon’s Medevac of Righteousness Failure; the Golden Hour of Truth.

An Open letter to Micheal Yon.

Somewhere near FOB Gabe, Iraq in 2005 there was an action, which resulted in two casualties, Truth and Justice. Immediately a 9-line was called in as Truth and Justice were quickly bleeding out. There is a “Golden Hour of Truth”, which, as defined by Don Freed, is a period of time immediately following an incident when events should be put to paper, as they are freshest in the mind and will give the greatest most accurate accounting of an event. Everyone with a background in reporting information, from policemen to journalists know this, that’s why the Medevac of Righteousness is always on stand-by.This particular Medevac of Righteousness mission was given to the pilot, Michael Yon, who received it with great enthusiasm. But something went horribly wrong. Somewhere between his bunk and the pilot’s seat, he forgot about the mission. Truth and Justice kept calling for evacuation, but something more important seemed to be afoot.

Countless deployments and 6 ½ years later, while gabbing with some old friends in the DFAC, an old faded memory began nagging at the fringes of Michael’s memory. My God! It was the call from Truth and Justice! He grabbed his gear, and headed to the bird.

After flying to the site posthaste, he landed and began a frantic search. He found the remains of truth, he thought. Maybe. He couldn’t really tell because Truth was so badly decomposed. All that were left were some bones. But maybe they weren’t even bones…maybe petrified wood. Who knows. A search of the area for Justice met with negative results. It seemed person(s) unknown had taken him away. Justice is officially listed as MIA.

How could this happen? A person that makes a living as a professional reporter of information gets a scoop on a war atrocity, does not follow-up on reporting the crime to authorities, and does not write a dispatch about this huge gross criminal act and the following cover-up? Can one professional reporter be so inept? Or could it be something else? One could look at said reporter as having participated in the cover-up because he wanted to protect his “Brothers”, a group which up until recently he did not seem to have a problem with publicly associating himself.

Michael, open up and tell us what really happened. Who did you notify? Why did you not follow-up? Why did you not report this atrocity if the first officials did nothing? Do you feel you could have done more? Do you think this could be viewed as a lack of intestinal fortitude to do the right thing…or maybe things didn’t exactly happen the way you said? Being on the receiving end of line of questioning like this is uncomfortable, no?

I hope we do find out what happened so we can get Justice back, but maybe when we do, Justice will point to a villain no one is expecting.
I am reposting this from the Professional Soldiers Forum with love and respect for exposing Michael Yon for the self-absorbed, narcissistic, bastard he is.

You see, Michael Yon talkks a lot of shite on his Facebook page. Then he deletes comments that don't agree with him. But don't worry about only getting one side of the disccussion. You can meander on over to the PS Forum and see where Yon was an asshat and got called on it. You can see all of it because Yon can't delete or manipulate that forum.

I am more proud than ever that I, Princess Crabby, the Empress of La Moata, she who has no equal, Princesa Malhumorada, Maggie has been "Banned By Michael Yon"

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