Saturday, October 08, 2011

Grace Is Ranting

We're in Ogunquit at the Seaview Motel. It's on the trolley line, but service is a little sporadic. The six of us; Grace, Jen; Debbie; my Mum; Ruth and myself had a delicious lunch at the Front Porch right in the center.

We had tons of laughs walking through the shops and reading the funny mugs and plaques. Lots of lobster and moose jokes.

The weather is just gorgeous. Of course, no fall foliage yet...I think there was too much rain this summer.

Jen called from the beach and asked if I could pick her and Ruth up. The trolley wasn't coming on schedule and they had bags.

Grace and my mother was in the deck watching me drive away. Two people were walking to the trolley stop to go into town, so I offered them a lift. Very nice couple visiting from England.

Grace saw me.

She is still yelling at me.

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