Monday, October 10, 2011

Genevieve Says Papa Shouldn't Be.....

.....funding our deviant behavior.

Saturday night Grace, Jen, Deb and I went to Maxwell's Pub in Ogunquit. We picked it because it was just down the street from our motel. the plan was to have a few drinks and watch the Bruins.

Before we ordered I announced I had forty dollars and a credit card. Grace said she had forty. Deb tried to tell us what she had and we just laughed. Jen said she had forty and our father's credit card. She was supposed to pick something up for him, so she had it on her.

So we get Nicole, our waitress to change one of the many TVs to the Bruins - all the others were on football games. We order drinks and appetizers.

After a bit they start setting up for karaoke right next to us. We get Nicole to move us and change another TV for us.

We had a GREAT time.

At one point I walked outside to talk to My Marine, who was not having nearly as much fun. During the conversation I noticed a candy shop across the street. My mother had mentioned earlier she would have liked a piece of fudge - seaside vacations do that to her I guess. So after I hung up, I went across the street and grabbed some fudge and other things.

So now I didn't have forty dollars.

I drank, don't tell my oncologist. I'm not saying it was a lot, but I was keeping up.

When the bill came, it was steep. So I reached in my pocket for the credit card.

It wasn't there, I had my driver's license..........

We were cracking up laughing, but we had no choice - out came Dad's credit card.

Fast forward to today at his and Debbie's joint birthday party. I came up to him with the money and he waved it away. I tried to explain that we had used his card. He said he knew that and to put the money away.

Genevieve, who couldn't attend "Girl's Weekend" due to other committments piped up -

"Papa you shouldn't be funding their deviant behavior"

Who's a little green with envy, Gen?

Thanks Dad.

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Spockgirl said...

This made my day. I don't know which is better, the "deviant behaviour" comment or the %) year old daughter using her dad's credit card.