Sunday, October 09, 2011

Being Forced To Tip

Some restaurants have a policy where they add in a tip for big parties.

This morning we had breakfast at The Wild Blueberry Restaurant in Ogunquit Maine.

The food was excellent, the service was sub par. I was baffled, didn't this guy care about his tip?

Um, no, he just knew his TWENTY PERCENT tip was secure.

I am a good tipper, so are Grace, Jennifer and our mother. This automatic tip business usually backfires with us, since in most circumstances we would give more than what is forced upon us. However, today that was not the case.

I complained to the owner but she just kept repeating he was her best waiter and everyone loved him.

So what, I didn't. I was forced to tip for good service and I didn't receive it.

After our food was delivered and it was awesome, we didn't see him again until he delivered the check. We wanted more napkins, cream and water.....but that was our loss.

So if you go to the place, I recommend that you try the french toast with blueberries.....and only bring four friends, not five. That way the waiter will have to work for his tip and he may well pay attention to you.

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Yer Marine said...

Woe betide the person of any station in life who fails to pay attention to Maggie...

Aren't the Occupy Wall Street crowd kinda like that, though? They want the tip without doing anything to earn it? Only because you earned the money for a meal at a restaurant and they haven't?

Just sayin'....