Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Every Day Something Fun!

Monday Jen, Grace and I went down to the Newport Octoberfest. We were invited by my friend Mike, his lovely wife Paulette. It was also my first chance to meet their daughters.

What fun. Schnitzel, spray on tattoos - mine fooled Frankie for a minute or two - cupcakes......but no strudel!

How does that work???? I am going to file a complaint with the International Commission of Octoberfests.

When I got back to the cottage it was time to Tweet the PBS showing of the "War of 1812". Did you see it? It was great. I saw the sneak peek a few weeks ago and got more out of it the second time.

I can tell you, I fell into bed that night.

Tuesday was my Dr. Miller check-up and finally.....finally.....a white blood cell count in the NORMAL RANGE - 6,300! I celebrated with a venti, vanilla chai tea latte from Starbucks.

I couldn't decide about dinner, so Frankie and I had ziti, meatballs, chicken parm, meat ravioli, garlic bread and garlic broccoli with mozzarella. I was in a carb coma.

Today I had a gift certificate for a facial at an Aveda Salon and it was fabulous! Thank you Val at Tropez Salon in Natick.

Then I took myself to the movies with one of my AMC passes. I saw "50/50". I know, you are thinking "Maggie, why would you do that?" But it was really good and I am all the more grateful than ever for my fabulous support system.

Lastly, it was a visit to my favorite and longtime hairdresser. We went brown, dark brown. It looks so strange to me. I have had white hair for so long. It kinda looks like a hat. But I know that's just me. It's a fabulous dye job. If someone who hasn't seen me in the last ten months saw me, they would only notice my hair was very short. But I am getting there too, one half inch per month.

The parking gods smiled upon me and just as I pulled down the street a great big spot opened up in front of where my Aunt Helen lived when I was young.

Now I am off to bed because I have to get up early to go hang with my pal, Griffen and play with Matchbox cars.


Tom Goering said...

Your spray-on tattoo was of cupcakes?

Dancing the jig on this end for the blood-count result!!

Charity said...

When I first read your FB update I thought you actually got a tattoo.

Glad to hear all is well - Brava on your blood-count!

I need chicken parm now....seriously, I'm going to make it tonight. So thank you for that!