Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shhhh! It's Nearly 2 AM

Ok, today was a total "here-we-come-on-the-run-with-a-burger-on-a-bun" day.

Up early to hang with Griffin, we went to Zume's Coffee House for hot chocolate & cookies.

Saw Spankie Frankie for all of three minutes, but apparently I am "the best mom ever". Sounds good.

Home to do some actual real-life business.

Stopped at Cake in Milton on Eliot Street. I had a Group-on and it was about to expire. I needed something to bring when we went to Cara's....Voila! OMG! Loved them!

Down to hang with Jen at East Bay before we went to a Tupperware party. Yeah, that's right, Tupperware. We are diverse. Seriously it was a chance to hang with Cara, our friend Chris' wife who we never see. And the bonus was Kevin's wife was there too.

I just didn't get enough Rocky Nook time this summer.

Then I drove home, but had a serious hankering for Beachmont Roast Beef. While I was waiting for my order (they are open until 2 am, but cash only) I realized that it's not such a big deal to get there anymore. When I lived in Rocky Nook, it was a pain to go over the bridge or through the tunnel. But now that I am mostly on the T.....Beachmont is tucked under...Beachmont Station!!! LOL!

Then I came back through the Sumner tunnel so I could take a spin around Dewey Square and see the #OccupyBoston-cicles. It was 37 degrees when I drove by. I gave myself a giggle because I was paying such attention to them that I followed the pickup truck in front of me right up onto the plaza. Pay no attention to the woman banging the "Uey" on Dewey Square.

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