Sunday, October 02, 2011

Think She Was Saving For This Trip For Long?

Look, you know I am nutty and that crazy things peeve me. So I am not going to pretend this is all that reasonable to anyone but me.

On my way home to Charlestown, I slowed and entered the lane for paying the toll on the Mystic River Bridge. It's three bucks....way better than the twelve on the George Washington Bridge in New York.

It's a toll. It's a toll bridge. Big signs "Last Exit Before Toll"; "Slow-Pay Toll"; "Have Toll Ready".

I try to have exact change, but I always make sure I have something, right?

There are four or five cars in front of me. Each stops, pays, moves on. But not the woman right in front of me in a Mercedes. Nothing is happening.

Then an arm comes out with a bill.

Then the arm comes out and deposits change into the toll takers hand.

Then more change.

I am incensed - insert the exclamation point that my keyboard still can't type.

There is still a pause while she realizes her right hand turn signal is on and she shuts it off.

I get up to the tollbooth, the toll taker looks like a Townie or a mick from Southie or Dorchester.

I said "Think she was saving for this trip for long?"

He replies "Yeah, I know. Some people have no consideration."

After my quick, efficient transaction, I easily catch the Mercedes and pass her. She was on her cell phone.

Gee lady, sorry our toll caused any interruption to your driving/talking on your cell phone.

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