Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Am Beside Myself

I just watched Channel 7 WHDH in Boston. They were interviewing Mary Rizzo. She was crying. I started crying.

The Rizzo are genuinely nice people that I have had interactions with for years. Eliot played soccer with Frankie; Nick played with my bosses' son Mark; Mike coached Frankie in soccer; and I would hang with Mary on the soccer field sidelines.. I didn't know Jonathan, but everyone who did loved him.

The Rizzo's lives were irreparably harmed when serial killer Gary Lee Sampson murdered their eldest son Jonathan. Sampson confessed to Jonathan's killing and the killing of others. He received the death penalty. Jonathan's parents set up a successful Memorial Foundation in his memory and tried to live their lives.

Now ten years later Judge Mark Wolf has thrown out his death penalty.

Three jurors gave "incorrect answers" on their questionnaires. There is no question of guilt. There is no exculpatory evidence. There is no crucial DNA. Sampson confessed.

Now ten years later, Judge Wolf hits the family with this?

What. The. Fuck.

If there is a new trial, it will begin in December. Merry Christmas.


Teresa said...

I have to say I feel sick for the families and friends of the victims. It never ends and this judge has just brought all the pain back again with one stroke of a pen.

Unknown said...

My family is on the "victim" end of the law... trial starts Nov. 30th and there is a confession.... there is 6 counts which all hold 15 years to life.... I see now the law is set up to benefit the criminals. It's painful and sucks GIANT sweaty monkey balls. I feel like I'd get more justice at a roulette wheel.

My heart goes out to this family. I hope God grants them some kind of peace, because the American Justice system can't be counted on it, but that's just my own personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is an activist judge....he has a history.

wolfwalker said...

If I'm reading the judge's order right, he didn't have much of a choice. One of the jurors lied under oath while the jury was being empaneled, about matters that were relevant to her ability to be objective. That's grounds for a new trial.

That said, I'm glad it's only a new sentencing trial, not a new "guilty or not" trial. I hope the bastard gets a death sentence again, and that this time it's carried out rapidly. "Within the hour" sounds about right.