Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Might Want To Skip This.......

.....it's mushy. This is an excerpt from my online courtship with SB. This is part of what we were writing to each other 4 years ago today.
June 26, 2003


We interrupt your regularly scheduled glimpse into my private life for this update. In talking to SB on the phone this afternoon, I was caught completely off guard. Very unusual. SB & I are the only two peas in this pod. Hmmmmm.

I asked if he had been to the blog today. "Yes," he replied. "No comment?" I asked. "To tell you the truth, I wasn't too terribly pleased." WOW! You could have knocked me over with a feather. You know those words don't come out of his mouth too often when talking to me! We talked for a few minutes more while I came to terms with the fact that I had called his reaction totally wrong. At first I assumed he was upset because something might have given away his real identity (which I guard jealously). But no......he felt that these IMs should stay between us.

So, since I am the best damn bedwarmer ever issued by the Department of Defense (to the best damn sailor there is)........I am removing this promptly.

Yes, Princess Crabby loves to *flash*..........but sometimes I forget.......this is not *my* thing to share.........it's *our* thing. So I will draw the curtains.

****************THAT IS ALL*************
I kept as many of these as I could. We had some computer expert tell my boss in the fall of '03 that even the saved instant messages could cause viruses and one weekend when I was out, she erased them all. She was an asshat. I saw to it that we got a new computer person right after that.
But what I was able to keep, I re-read. Especially on the anniversary of the day.


BillT said...


That's not mush -- this si mush:



"Oooooh, John..."

"Oooooh, Marcia..."

"John, John, John!"

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"

...ad infinitum -- and beyond!

BillT said...

Ummm -- that si mush and *are* mush, too.

Dadgum paper cut on my typing thumb...

BostonMaggie said...

Oh? It's some kind of war wound when you make a spelling error....but mine is a contagious disease.


Barb said...

Huh - and he made fun of me for "knoa". Typing injury, my behind.

Pia said...

The only reason I didn't vomit is because I can relate. ; ) I would share emails like that with our friend Laura, who sees Chris like a brother, just to get an adverse reaction.
I like how your posting of deleted, saucy excerpts comes at the same time you put a photo of the back of your head! There's a joke in there somewhere.

billt said...

At least you can't kvetch that my comments aren't germane to the post.

Ummmm, well, actually, you *can* -- you pay the rent on this place, after all...

Anthony said...

For what's worth, I side with SB on this one, maybe it's an xy thing or something...

FbL said...

I don't have an opinion on the rightness/wrongness either way, but SB's reaction is understandable.

Still, I was glad to have the glimpse I did. It's a lovely testament to two people who obviously are well-matched and adore each other. Gives the rest of us hope that such relationships exist outside the pages of a book... ;)

BostonMaggie said...

Bill - what can I say.....have fun in NJ.

Barb - Never let him forget.

Pia - Of course there's a joke in there.......there's always a joke here.

Anthony - SB concurs.

FbL - I told SB you comment and he pronounced it "very sweet".