Saturday, June 23, 2007

People Misbehaving In The Comments

In the post "I am Utterly Horrified" there were a few comments that were germaine to the subject of the post...............and then there were some that were not.

First, CIE Business
Obviously you were lying! I am actually only out here in La La La Land to post a note to SB.
SB, since she drops us like hot rocks whenever you call (which I understand is without your knowledge or consent) I am circumventing her altogether to let you know that she must attend a drunken cookout Sat July 28th with me at our cousin's in Maine.
Don't worry I will make sure she comes home, not that whomever would be stupid enough to steal her wouldn't bring her back himself but if it makes you feel better I will make sure.
CIE Business

Then, SB
CIE, your beliefs on this particular subject are right on target. I have told her many times NOT to drop everything and everybody but apparently she chosen to willfully disregard what I've said. She is all yours for the cookout in Maine!

Let's see, where to start..............Do I have any say in this trip to Maine? Will you two ever stop conspiring against me? CIE, I possess a very good record when it comes to attending family events. SB, I don't see how making my own choices in life (I am free, white and over 21) counts as "willfully disregard what I've said.".


Anonymous said...

Thank you SB!
As for you maggie there aren't enough nice words for this PG blog to explain how bad you are about dropping us when he calls and as for not wanting to go hhmmm let me think....I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WANT! you will go and you will like it............

Anonymous said...

You're entirely welcome. Rock on!

SK said...


It appears they know you well!

BostonMaggie said...

Snicker all you want Miss Smarty-pants!

Humph to you all!