Friday, June 22, 2007

I Am Utterly Horrified!

How can these people be so wrong about me!!!!

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

I got this from "Cat Is My Co-pilot" who is quite pleased with her result.


the Sapphire Cat said...

hahahaha! i am so pleased to be something other than G, so PG-13 is awesome to me. i even beat you! wow!

woo-hoo, it's like i was in grade school gym and while the captains were choosing teams, i got chosen first despite my not being friends with the captain. :)

Cassandra said...

I was framed.

CIE Business said...

Obvisouly you were lying! I am actually only out here in La La La Land to post a note to SB.

SB, since she drops us like hot rocks whenever you call (which I understand is without your knowledge or consent) I am circumventing her altogether to let you know that she must attend a drunken cookout Sat July 28th with me at our cousin's in Maine.

Don't worry I will make sure she comes home, not that whomever would be stupid enough to steal her wouldn't bring her back himself but if it makes you feel better I will make sure.

CIE Business

BillT said...

Hmmpf. Parental Guidance, in this case, would be less effective than a GPS with a dead battery...

Anonymous said...

CIE, your beliefs on this particular subject are right on target. I have told her many times NOT to drop everything and everybody but apparently she chosen to willfully disregard what I've said. She is all yours for the cookout in Maine!