Thursday, June 28, 2007

John McClane Never Lets You Down

I talked Jen into going opening night. We both hate opening night and crowds. So how did I do it? Simple, I didn't tell her it was opening night. LOL I know, I'm a jerk.

Anyway, it's really late. We went to the 10:20 show because she couldn't tear herself away from work with a freakin' hours notice, so we missed the 9:55 show.

It was totally worth it. I loved it.

After the horror that was Spiderman 3, I so deserved 2 hours of smart aleck lines out of Bruce Willis' mouth and lots of shit being blown up!!!!!!!!!! After the movie I held out my two hands like scales and said John McClane......Spiderman........John McClane.....Spiderman. Even Jen had to laugh.
The kid from the Apple commercials was really good. We liked him too.

P.S. I bought my loft bed tonight!!!! It's the second thing with my new favorite thing...."Craig's List". First the lawn mower (runs like a dream), now the loft bed. I have to wait for my Dad to come put it together......I love Frankie and he's really handy, but if I am going to suspend my ass five feet off the ground.....I'd rather depend on my Dad.

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Bill said...

Wouldn't it have been simpler to call an exterminator?