Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Something Funny

There is a kind of meme circulating the blogosphere. It's called the "Thinking Blogger Award". The purpose is to recognize a blogger who makes you think. Simple enough. So who nominated me?
GoogieBaba of Mama and Mommy, Adventures in Gay Parenting. I like her blog too, and I enjoy her comments here.
Here's the funny part. Her presentation speech:
I can’t believe I am even going to tag this next woman, because I don’t agree with a friggin thing she has to say, but when I want to hear intelligent discourse from the other side of the aisle, I go to Boston Maggie’s. I think she at a military blogger conference right now or something like that, but I am tagging her anyway. (Yes, we do have republicans in Massachusetts. Here’s one – go read her blog)
All compliments are gladly accepted......backhanded or otherwise!
She tagged me in the post below where I profess my love (in a political sense) for Andy Card, lol.............very ironic!


Rhea said...

I read about you on Mama and Mommy's blog. I am not a Republican but I am in my 40s like you, so I figured I'd write.

BostonMaggie said...

Thanks for stopping by Rhea.

FbL said...

So, who are you going to nominate (this is gonna be very interesting...)?

BostonMaggie said...

FbL - It's a Thinking Bloggers award. So I'm going to think about it.