Monday, April 16, 2007

Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible

For ConcreteBob! Thanks Sherri!

So down in "Two Houses" the comments were hijacked by that troublemaker, ConcreteBob. He is ditching me for the MilBloggers conference. Last year, he paid no attention to me what-so-ever and he promised to "make it up to me" this year. Now he finds he can not make the conference due to another committment and is under the mistaken impression that I will be nice about this. What? Have we met? I am Princess Crabby. I am not nice about anything! As a matter of fact in private emails I have been taunting him (there's a wicked shocka, huh?) and encouraging others to join in. First he tried to plead his case and get supposrt using reason "Sherri, I'm not ditching the conference, I have to be at my boss's wedding.But I promised Maggie after the last milblog conference I would see her at the next one, since she seems to think I dissed her at the last one. So I'm using Friday night to fulfill that promise. She's being very unreasonable and will probably pull this post." The he said something nice, trying to get on my good side (which I don't have) "I forgot incorrigible...and irrepressible..and unrelenting...and unforgettable.. " Sherri tried to help him....."I think you have now forgotten irresistible. Just trying to help out...... ;-)"......but......."Thanks a bunch...Now I have Robert Palmer in my head, singing Simply Irresistible." So I posted this. LOL


SK said...


Sorry Bob....

ConcreteBob said...

Well, if nothing else, it will cetainly increase the male traffic to this site.
My all-time, absolute, hands-down, FAVORITE video.

BostonMaggie said...

Bob? Honey? Sweetie?

Do you imagine I need such assistance?