Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Saturday night there was a confrontation at the White House Correspondents Dinner between Karl Rove and Sheryl Crow and Laurie David. Ms. David is a global warming activist and she had something to do with Al Gore's movie being produced. Ms. Crow is the genius behind the "One Square" movement, which asserts that using one square of toilet paper per visit will save the enviroment. (I use eleven, I will buy toilet paper offsets as soon as they are available). Ms. Crow & Ms. David were introduced to Mr. Rove at the dinner and siezed the opportunity to plead their case. There are many accounts of this conversation. I will highlight two. First is Byron York at The Corner Online, second is Ms. David's own account at HuffPo. I read both, Byron's first. I expected some he said/she said. Astonishingly they are nearly identical.

I am nearly without words.

These two women cheerfully brag in the Huffington Post about how rude they were to Rove. Sheryl Crow grabbed his arm. YGTBFKM!!!!!
Then they both expressed surprise at his reaction.
"Karl swung around and spat, "Don't touch me." How hardened and removed from reality must a person be to refuse to be touched by Sheryl Crow?" How big is your ego when you think people should be grateful to touched by you, no matter what the reason?

If Rove had grabbed her arm, can you imagine the furor? They are proud of speaking to him rudely and poking his chest. Can someone please, please tell me why liberals think they have the right to assault the rest of us (verbally & physically) with their free speech? Why they think their opinions trump Rove’s right to attend this function unmolested? Where do they get off? Worse, there are 600 some odd comments over at HuffPo applauding them.

Their hypocrisy astonishes me. Their audacity leaves me nearly breathless.

Let’s try this…..I am a conservative, pro-military, pro-victory Republican. How about if I go up to Nancy Pelosi and poke her in the chest while I tell her to stop hassling my President? How about if I go up to Harry Reid and grab his arm when he doesn’t listen to me tell him that war in Iraq is not lost?

How much bail money do I need?


Barb said...

First off, the whole 'one square' thing just creeps me out. Especially when I observe women leaving the restroom without washing their hands. *ewww*

Second, the egos of these people never ceases to amaze me! Don't know how much bail money it would take, Maggie - but you KNOW that the Denizens would be lining up to spring you from the slammer :-)

Ron Simpson said...

Now Crow is trying to play the one quare off as a joke. Come check out my post on Crow's idoicy. It will make you laugh.

Bob said...

Tell you what.....if you get thrown in the slammer for executing either maneuver, I will personally post the bail.....make certain that when you poke Nancy, that you aim high....just to the right or left of the bridge of her nose.....I suspect that you might find it easy to locate Harry's arm: the hand will be extended in our pockets grabbing hard-earned money to fund failed social experiments and pork-barrel about being in denial! What a pair of worthless ding-dongs....

BostonMaggie said...

Thanks! It's good to know I won't rot in the slammer.

*Nobody knows the trouble I've seeeeeennnnnnn!"

Shawmut said...

Harry Reid. Would you buy snake oil from that guy?
(Well, he's still selling it, I guess. He knows his venom for venom sake.)