Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Hands Hurt......

.....from clapping for Andy Card. He's the reason I went to the convention. There is only one contested race - nomination for sacrificial lamb to run against the hero of Chappaquidick - Ted Kennedy. I loathe Ted with the same intensity that I love Bobby and Jack. Ken Chase from Medford (his voice doesn't sound it) got the nod over Kevin Scott. Doesn't matter, I was ready to vote for either. Ted only wins over Osama and Ahmedinajad......and then with some serious soul searching.

Hillman gave a good speech, Kerry Healy was ok. The guy running for treasurer, Ron Davy, Hull selectman, is a Navy guy. You know how bad I wanted to like him! While he had lots of good things to say....there was no life in him.

So, back to Andy. He was there to accept the Senator Edward W. Brooke Award. The award is for individuals who have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to furthering the mission of the Massachusetts Republican Party. Brooke spoke about the party and how hard it is to be a Republican in Massachusetts.

Andy's speech was about taking an oath and defending the Constitution. He talked about the history of our country and the Massachusetts contributions. There were frequent interruptions for applause. My favorite part came when he said that after 9/11 he was glad it was Bush who had taken that oath on January 20, 2001. Because he knew Bush understood there was no "if" in the oath. That it didn't say "preserve, protect and defend, if.....if the wind was blowing the right way.......if the U.N. was ok with it, .......if the French gave permission". The last part was lost in the clapping and cheers. The second he said "U.N" I leapt to my feet. I mean *leapt*! Clapping and whooping.

Unless, you're Kerry Healy's mom or Reed Hillman's best friend... there were no whooping moments at this convention. Until Andy. He mispoke a couple of times, saying that the Bill of Rights wasn't ratified until 1891. He named Samuel Otis when I think he meant James Otis. But when he was speaking about Bush and doing the right thing and defending the was from his heart. When he talked about the burden W has of sending men and women into harm's way........I was nearly moved to tears.

Great job Andy!


Shanah said...

Did you happen to catch Chuck Morse at the Convention? I heard him on Israel National Radio a few weeks ago and thought quite highly of him. I'm not from Mass, though, so I'm far from up on state affairs.

As far as Teddy goes... I'd vote for a bottle of Jack before I voted for him. (It'd be like getting rid of the middle man.)

BostonMaggie said...

No, I did not catch him. they were all out on the floor working their particular districts. I am in the 10th, he would have been over in the 4th.

Obviously you are not up on Massachusetts politics otehrwise you would know that Ted drinks Chivas, not Jack. LOL