Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Snippets

I am on the computer and listening to FoxNews Sunday (instead of cleaning).

Chris Wallace was trying to get Al Shapton to apologize for certain things. It gives me vertigo to be on Sharpton's side. It's a good thing I'm sitting down. Chris wanted Sharpton to apologize to the Duke lacrosse players. How silly. Mike Nifong needs to apologize. The faculty who signed that crazy letter need to apologize. Certain people who say that they are still clearly guilty need to apologize. Not Sharpton. Sharpton said (today and on his radio show Friday) that clearly we were all misled by Nifong and what happened to those Duke players was terrible. What more do you want? That's just what he should say.

Incredibly Nicolas Sarkozy is taking flak for saying just what I believe. He said some people were "born paedophiles" (BBC spelling). Some people are troubled by that. Some people are stupid. The actual quote was made during a weekend interview for Philosophie magazine, Mr Sarkozy said he was "inclined to believe that people are born paedophiles, and it's also a problem that we don't know how to treat this pathology". His closest rival, Segolene Royal said his view that some people were "born paedophiles" was "extremely serious". WTF? The 3rd place candidate, Francois Bayrou, said Mr Sarkozy's comments about paedophiles were "terribly worrying" and "chilling". Excuse me? What constituancy are they pandering too? Are Royal and Bayrou appealling to the French chapter of NAMBLA? This is French Presidential politics my friends.

I wonder if Jennifer is awake yet..........I want to go to breakfast. I have to go to work later, yesterday was very disjointed and I didn't get much done. Still no car..........I don't feel much like a Princess right now.


Anonymous said...

have you ever seen a western movie with Lee Van Cleef? he has a very arrogant way way at laughing at people, right before he shoots them. i can do a very good imitation of his laugh and his "better than you" attitude. The point is Im laughing at you for being on the same side as Al Sharpton. you nappy headed ho.

BostonMaggie said...

Are you saying that Al Sharpton should apologize to the Duke lacrosse players?

Pia said...

I think this means "Anonymous" has to apologize to Al Sharpton.

BostonMaggie said...

The list of people that "Anonymous" has to apologize to is..... endless!

What can I say? I raised him.