Monday, April 16, 2007

The White House

As some of you know, I will be in DC in 3 weeks for the 2007 Milblogger's Conference (put together by the fabulous Andi). Once the date was announced months ago, I emailed my Congressman, William Delahunt to request a White House Tour. This was back in January. I got an email back acknowledging my request. Then in February I got a call saying that they don't get their answers until right before the date requested. So today I got the call.

My request was declined. I was told not to take it personally and no explanation was given. No explanation is ever given. That there were lots of requests and there were lots of requests that were declined. They offered me a tour of the Capitol guided by one of the Congressman's interns. I accepted. But I am really disappointed.

Do they know who I am? Up here in this bluest of blue states I am a rarity. I am a lifelong Republican. A lifelong Republican who votes...unfailingly. I am really disappointed.

So I email out to my circle of fellow milbloggers. These are some of the responses.

After asking for clarification John of Argghhh!! responds to the question "Do they know who I am?" with "I'd say the answer is... yes." BOO!

His lovely wife, SWWBO resonds "Laura must have found out how hot you are, Maggie" That could hardly be the problem, everyone knows I gave up married men because they are bad for my karma.

AFSis - "Nah. They're just afraid you'll moon all of the dem's." Honestly, you flash one little pub crawl and they never let you forget it. Besides it was a "FLASH" not a "MOON"! I am a nice Catholic school girl!

Anthony - "How the hell did that happen?" And SK (who should blog, but doesn't) "I gotta ditto your WTF???!!!!" Now that was the reaction I was looking for! Thank you.

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