Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Snippets

Today was a little discombobulated. I hate not having a car. Although being stuck at home meant that I caught FoxNews Sunday. Love the panel, it's always my favorite part.

Then Jen & I headed up to Grace's to celebrate our nephew Dan's birthday. I resisted the pizza. Two weeks to D.C., don'cha know. Grace had her nifty new chocolate fountain front and center. It was her thank you gift from SB. He wanted to convey his gratitude for Grace hounding me into my colonoscopy. When it arrived Grace called to yell that it was too much. Grace said she wasn't yelling. Grace's very diplomatic duaghter, Gen, when pressed, conceded there was "loudness". LOL Anyway, I resisted that too.

Jen wanted to go to work for a little bit, but when she got into work there was no AC and we left. She pronounced it hotter than hell. I hope Jen goes to heaven, but if she doesn't I want to be a fly on the wall when she finds out hell is actually hotter than 80 degrees.
There was a time I read a lot of Irish history. But I was very young and had no context to put it into. Tonight Jen and I watched "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" and we were floundering. This is something we were not familiar with at all. All our people had left Ireland by this point in time. The last being our father's mother who came to America in 1916. She was orphaned when the Black & Tans killed her father and her mother died shortly afterwards. We were told her mother died of a broken heart on Christmas Eve and that's why our grandmother never liked Christmas. She lied about her age and came to Charlestown to join her sisters.

The more we learn about history, the more we realize that we know so little and can never hope to catch up.

It was a very violent movie with some parts that were just absolutely senseless. As usual, our father's bloodthirsty little girls were astonished at the situations where there was no fighting. There is a pivotal scene where after a successful ambush of a British Army patrol, our main characters come upon the Black & Tan tormenting some defenseless locals. Not just any locals but "their own". Jen and I are sitting there, absolutely flabbergasted that they don't attack the Black & Tans.

Now I am exhausted and need to go to bed, but I am stuck. I am watching this incredible Red Sox game. Four home runs in one inning. The Red Sox are about to sweep the Yankees in Fenway for the first time since 1990 and I can't miss it.

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Anonymous said...

It may be only April but anytime the Sox beat the Yanks is great!
Three highly entertaining games!
Round two next weekend!