Thursday, March 22, 2007


So, I haven't posted about this because I don't want to draw the moonbats and have to edit the "Die Na2zi/Repu%blican b&^itch" comments (I fiddled with the comment because I don't want to even know would be drawn here by Googling that phrase). Generally, I go cause trouble in other people's blogs.......Jarhead John, Ace of Spades, The Castle, etc. But a discussion over at JJ's place got me thinking. Do any rational people really, truly, honestly believe that Scooter should be doing time over this crap? Do they further believe that he got fair and equal treatment when compared with other political investigations or criminal matters?

JJ posted about Scooter and double standards, go read it here. Then go read the comments. This pretty much sums up my point of view.

I agree comparing Berger/Kennedy/Jefferson to Libby is a case of apples vs. oranges. Or, more to the point, actual crime vs. sneaky stupidity. Scooter was stupid. We (I use that in the royal sense) had the high moral ground. Joe Wilson is a lying weasel. Instead of standing up and condemning him in the hard, cold light of day.......Scooter was whispering. Not that it mattered, Armitage is the guy who let the cat out of the bag.
So.......Berger steals/destroys government property, Kennedy is caught OUI, Jefferson has 90 large in marked bills...........but Scooter faces JAIL for lying about a matter in which there was.... no..... underlying...... crime.....


googiebaba said...

You have already have a resident moonbat - me! I play pretty nice, though. The only thing that annoys me about the moonbat comments is that I DON'T drink Starbucks lattes. Its Dunkin Donuts, cream, no sugar, thank-you very much.

BostonMaggie said...

You are not a moonbat. Moonbats are unreasonable. As far as Starbucks goes, I love their vanilla chai tea and they have excellent (if expensive) pastries.

SK said...

Very well said yet again, Maggie.

Shawmut said...

Why do I get the glare when I ask who allowed Joe Wilson, on a retirement pension from the State Department to "DOUBLE DIP" via an immediate family member. We know, don't we, who would flaunt thier 'power-couple celebrity status' about Georgetown. An how is it to be explained that her 'cover company', a CIA proprietory, allow a check to be made out to Lurch Kerry?
Further, what was she doing operating a proprietory company if she had a commute to Langley in her red Jag every morning.
Scooter had a slip of the tongue, Kennedy has a slurred tongue, Berger has slips of paper, and
Joe and Valerie pull a caper.
Of course, Berger had the whole Langley operation laced with his acolytes (even a couple of directors) that it was 'Death Valley' to intel pro's.

BostonMaggie said...

Shawmut! Where have you been? LOL

My favorite part of Miss-I'm-So-Covert is the fact that the parking spot at CIA had her NAME on it. Yeah, that's under the radar.
Good comment, as always. Extra points for the poetry or rapping depending on your view point/generation.

Shawmut said...

Where I've been? Good point. With more than a token amount of experience with that realm, I thought it was obvious when it started up.
Not to jump track, but...
Regarding the Brit Tars; What country, two and a half weeks ago
facilitated the defection of Iran's Intelligence Chief (not the officers taken in Iraq, but a 'top turban')? It didn't get much news space. .
I see this piracy as having little deeper sting to it.
Yup, the answer is The UK. It was like Gordiewski in the 80's
(BTW Joe Wilson and Valerie had nothing to do with it.)

BostonMaggie said...

Shawmut, it was "Where have you been" like I missed you. I was not being sarcastic.