Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Fantasy Crushed

Rick Lynch is married! Happily! LOL Oh well, he's still my favorite army guy.
Reported by Dal Cannady
WTOC caught up with Major General Rick Lynch to get his feelings on his soldiers, their challenges, and this community.
When it comes to deployments, he is just as torn as his soldiers.
"I'm dreading leaving my wife. I'm dreading leaving my children. I'm dreading leaving my Labrador retrievers but, candidly, we do this in our profession. We go off to fight our nations wars," he explained.
Lynch says he and his soldiers are also anxious to make their country proud and show why the division is considered one of the best fighting forces in the world.
"I've never been part of an organization more prepared, more ready, and more focused on mission accomplishment," he noted with pride.
While he's proud of the men and women of the division, he's also proud of the community that cares for their families while they're gone.
"In 30 years, I've never seen a community, not just Hinesville but coastal Georgia, that reaches out to military families like they do here. We can go and fight our nation's wars and know our families will be okay," he added. "It's frustrating to me to look across the country and hear people say they support our soldiers but the words don't match their deeds. Here in Hinesville and liberty county, the deeds follow the words."
For their sacrifice to leave home and family yet again, Major General Lynch and the rest of the Third Infantry earns another WTOC Military Salute

Jen pointed out that he has dogs, so he was out anyway (we are not animal people). I told her SB has a dog (Jen & SB have the most complete mutual admiration society you've ever encountered) and she replied "That's unfortunate." I can not wait to exploit that chink in the armor. They team up against me tooooooooooo often.


Citizen Deux said...

And the reason you are not besieged by hundreds of intellectual, suave men?

Some people...

BostonMaggie said...

Why thank you! Do you have a candidate in mind? Please send his resume over post haste. We are always accepting applications for the Rotation! You are new here, so I will explain, the Rotation is men in my orbit who vie for my attention with varying degrees of success. Military service (past or present) gives you a leg up, just like the civil service exam.