Thursday, March 29, 2007

National CounterTerrorism Center

Hmmmm, LOL!

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Shawmut said...

An NCIC sounds like another funding cycle to me. And that means more oversight, and that means more sticky fingers and that means.......Screw it. Nobody will believe me when I suggest that good CI work doesn't work with billboards and titles.
Every effort along this route gets even more interference..from ACLU, Nasty International and the likes.
There are enough laws on the books and agencies to work them. Take the National Security Act of 1947, amend the Cold War specific sections, and just get to work.
They might do well to parse Miranda from the 60's and, as well, allow the flow of information to go up stream. The old 'Silver Platter Doctrine' used to apply when the Feds could retrieve information from the loacals and in good faith assist them as well when there was 'smoke but lacking sparks of a fire'.