Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm Exhausted

Just got in from "Girl's Night". We hit Joe's wake before dinner. I was conveying my condolences to Joe's daughter and something I said triggered a response and she said "You're BostonMaggie!" LOL I was floored, but laughed and confessed. She was surfing the web looking for stuff about her dad. She thanked me for the post. Funny stuff. Then I met her sister who was standing with a friend. The friend turns to me after a moment and says "Two pees to a flush!" I was completely thrown and it took me a moment. She was referring to a speech I made before Town Meeting years and years ago when we were fighting for town sewerage funding. It was actually "Three pees to a flush" but, whatever. The engineering company loved me and credited me for the positive vote. They were too kind, the credit actually belonged with Red Rizzo, my dear, dear friend who passed away last week.

Then it was on to dinner where I was ripped by Jen over the firefighter story. I maintain that I was flirting and he was interested. Jen's view is that he was "frightened" by my "craziness". Whatever.

I was doing some light surfing and came across a few things that made me laugh. This tag line was one of them.
I drink in moderation. "Moderation" is an imaginary place that exists wherever I am.
I don't really drink, but if you substitute chocolate.......

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