Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day

For some New Year's Day is a time of hangovers. That doesn't happen to me. For some it's about football, that will be Frankie. But for me, it's about reflection and resolutions. I'm not saying I'm deep and anyone who knows me is aware that the resolutions are fleeting, but that's what today is about anyway.

In this vein, I'd like to point out a few things I've read this morning. One is Nora Ephron's funny piece on New Year's Resolution over at HuffPo (yes, I know, but you know how I feel about reading the other side, I'll be listening to NPR at some point today too). She captures my feelings and experience with NY resolutions very well. Although I do get some stuff done. There are things I have accomplished in life after all. It's just NY resolutions make me feel like a failure. I commented over there that I do better in the spring and maybe for me it is the New England winter (not that it's been much of a winter yet).

Another is a moving piece in the NYT by Dana Canady about a journal her late fiance kept for their newborn son Jordan.
Dear son, Charles wrote on the last page of the journal, “I hope this book is somewhat helpful to you. Please forgive me for the poor handwriting and grammar. I tried to finish this book before I was deployed to Iraq. It has to be something special to you. I’ve been writing it in the states, Kuwait and Iraq.
First Sgt. Charles Monroe King was stationed in Iraq and was killed in action October 14, 2006. Sgt. King's journal is decorated with drawings, one shows himself with angel's wings.

I think they are very appropriate.

Senator Dewine read a tribute to Sgt. King on the floor of the Senate. Mr. President, Charles King, could have lived comfortably as a professional artist. But, his strong sense of duty led him to enlist in the Army. “My brother was very much into service and serving others, and I that was the driving force [for joining the military],” Gail said.
Sgt. King's life will be one of the things I will reflect on today.

Another will be the life of Trooper Paul Barry. We lost Paul over six months ago. If you want to read more, it's here, here and here. It is still possible and very appropriate to make a donation to the fund for his children. This is a story and video about the 1st Annual Trooper Paul F. Barry Memorial Motorcycle Run.

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seejanemom said...

I love posts like these. Humbling and fitting for a day of reflection. Thank you Miss Maggie.

(And I always "read the other side", too. My favorite way to spend a fall afternoon is to listen to an NPR Beg-a-Thon...CLASSIC entertainment!)