Monday, January 08, 2007

Cold Comfort

I never quite got that phrase. Now I do.

A few days ago I was pissing and moaning about the tests at the Military Channel. In particular, the test on the Korean War. So SB called and while we talked on the phone, he took the tests. Of course he disposed of "The War In The Pacific" and "Vietnam" right off.

Then came "Korea". (sound of crowing) He only got 3!!!!! "Do you feel better now, baby?" he asked. "Yes! Yes, I do!"

So what does he do?
He emails me this!!! Bastid!

Programming note: New episode of 20th Century Battlefields tonight "1973 Middle East".


Anonymous said...

That was actually fun, I'll be using it to torture soldiers next week.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. That took me like 3 minutes, the last 2 being 'it's either this one or that on' trial and error after I got everything else in place.
come on Maggs, don't be 'the mom' and kill the fun(flees in utter terror of the M&M machine gun I know she has hidden somewhere)