Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Come On!

Leave a comment! Send me an email! I'm dying of curiosity.

coastalnow.net ? (Network)
IP Address 216.166.216.# (Mebtel Communications)
ISP Mebtel Communications
Continent: North America
Country:United States
State: Georgia
City: Hinesville
Dec 31 2006 8:13:15 pm
Dec 31 2006 8:23:49 pm
Visit Length 10 minutes 34 seconds
Page Views 5
Jan 1 2007 1:46:28 pm
Jan 1 2007 2:31:33 pm
Visit Length 45 minutes 5 seconds
Page Views 21
Jan 1 2007 5:13:04 pm
Jan 1 2007 5:21:11 pm
Visit Length 8 minutes 7 seconds
Page Views 16
Jan 2 2007 5:47:15 am
Jan 2 2007 6:14:10 am
Visit Length 26 minutes 55 seconds
Page Views 13
All that time and you have nothing to say? Come on! You're killing me.
Of course, you're not the only one, this guy is a regular visitor too and I'd love to know what he's thinking.
pentagon.mil ?(Military)
IP Address 141.116.64.# (Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon)
ISP Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon
Continent: North America
Country: United States
State: Virginia
City: Falls Church


Anonymous said...

Yes, please do leave her a comment; tell her how insane she is, maybe add that you are the personal security for the Maj. Gen. and that you are in the process of adding to her FBI file.

FbL said...

LMAO! Good one. :D

Anonymous said...

MAJ Hall,
She is insane and I swear, I tried to stop her when she sent you those pictures. I have no idea what the rotation is either...