Friday, January 19, 2007

A Little MG Rick Lynch..... just what I need to cheer me up.

I asked Major Gen. Rick Lynch in late October whether he thought the Iraqis were doing enough to end the sectarian violence in their country and relieve the burden on U.S. troops.
Lynch, the blunt-spoken and approachable commanding general of the 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield, believed they were.
He blamed a minority of insurgents for Iraq's problems. He also pointed to the 26 million Iraqi people who want peace and stability as a solid foundation on which to build a nation.
The two-star general made sense then. I hope he's right now, as soldiers from the Savannah-area bases leave this week for their third tour of duty in Iraq.

The rest of the article is so-so......I just liked it because my favorite Army guy is quoted in it!
As far as the last line above...........hoping Rick is right..........of course he is! LOL

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