Monday, January 22, 2007

Gee, I Actually Feel Pretty Good

But according to these guys, today is...........

Blue Monday: The unhappiest day of the year

If you are feeling a little down then you can take solace in the thought that things are unlikely to get any worse.
Today, say experts, is the unhappiest day in the entire year.
Unpaid Christmas bills, nasty weather, and failed New Year's resolutions combine to make January 22 the gloomiest in the calendar.'s 22 where I sit right now and it's 75 in Dubai............


Wickedpinto said...

href="">Orgy is a pretty good rendition
New Order the orginal is always the best.

I was kinda surprised to see the clear close fit/leather/vinyl/rubber fetishism as well as clear asphyxiative (the mike cord being pulled tight around the singers neck) insinuations in the Orgy version.

Still awesome song.

Call it "Blue Monday" and I will be happy, cuz, thats just an awesome song.

Wickedpinto said...

CURSES!!!! can admin fix my link, I was sure it was right. Sorry about that.

BostonMaggie said...

Wicked Pinto, you are funny! I can't even manage a blogroll, never mind fix your links!