Tuesday, January 02, 2007

When Are All The WTKK Vacations Over?

I am sooooo aggravated with WTKK lately. Jay Severin is out (3 pm to 7 pm time slot), so Michael Graham is filling in. That means there is some nitwit filling in for Michael's normal 7 pm to 10 pm time slot. The replacement is currently interviewing the former governor of Virginia, Douglas Wilder. Whatever, I don't care. It's the previous segment that has me ripping mad. The replacement, Jimmy Myers, was just trying to lead a discussion on whether or not children know more than adults regarding how futile Saddam's execution was. What an idiotic topic. It brought out all the moonbats. "Oh yes! We should never have done that!" "Children tell you the truth!" "Children see things so clearly!" "We just created a martyr so one or two families could feel better." "We should have jailed him for 12 years. Maybe then he would have *thought* about what he did. It's about reconciliation." Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!!!! What utter rubbish! First off, *we*, the United States did not execute Saddam, the sovereign government of Iraq did. Secondly, since when are children the voice we turn to? Are they going to balance the budget next? It was just a stupid, non-productive conversation.
The reconciliation caller sent me around the bend! It's not about reconciliation, it's about justice. It's not fucking *time-out*. You don't put people in jail so they will *think* about their crimes. You put people in jail to punish them for their crimes.

When are the stupid vacations over? If the management of WTKK is listening - Hey! Michael Graham fans tune in to listen to something stimulating and worhty of our attention. If I wanted to listen to moonbats who talk nonsense and bash everything going on in Iraq while offering no serious, viable alternative.....I'll tune to into NPR.
Jen emailed me the new WTKK schedule (with commentary, she is a big Bill O'Reilly fan and is upset they are moving him from the 1-3 pm slot)
10-noon – M Graham (good thing but he lost an hour)
Noon – 3pm – Egan & Braude (good thing but probably could have done 2 hrs not 3)
3-7 – Severin (bad thing)
7-9 – Bill
I guess Jimmy will be on permanently but it’s so late who’s listening?

The important part is that unlike my two commenters, Tugboat Phil and Purple Avenger, WTKK got on the stick and solved my problem. Tugboat Phil and Purple Avenger missed the point of the post. The point was *I* was distressed. It was about me. The whole blog is about me. It is always about me.


Purple Avenger said...

All Saddam got was the usual "retirement plan" for deposed leaders in the middle-east.

He got the same plan the guy he deposed got.

Tugboat Phil said...

I think it's heartwarming that Saddam was reunited with his sons.

Dave said...

Did you hear the caller who said that we "assassinated" Saddam and we need to find and arrest Bin Laden and rehabilitate him in prison so that he can be a contributing member of society when he gets out?

Dave said...

FYI: I linked to your blog over here.