Sunday, January 14, 2007

As Good As I Remember It!

I'm off to bed after a satisfying dinner, a two hour "24" and some fun blogging over at Blogs4Bauer.

Some good lines:

900 people dead? Car bomb in New York....Muslims late for work.... I love 24BOOOOOOMMMMM 23 more dead."Lock up everyone who prays to Mecca"? Is Sean Hannity president?

Tckkk...LA hit by terrorists.......Personally I'm glad that I'm not counting each kill on the kill counter. Maybe we should count Chloe's bitchy comments...1,2,3,4...I smell mole......Hot muslim chick is a mole. Chloe will steal her keycard, log into her computer and check her Myspace page and see if Assad is in her top 8.

Jack Bauer kills using his mouth (4 points)He didn't say anything cool or have on aviators. However, he probably has not brushed his teeth in 2 years, so his breath had to be torture.Jack Bauer vampire. Lestat is a sissy
(Jennifer and I were screaming!)

Someone called in the US Marines....the next best thing after Jack Bauer. (no comment)

"Respond he will guaranteed" - what is he? Yoda? (this is exactly what came out of my mouth, lol)
In the kneecap.....oooooohhhhh Camel Nuts that hurts.

Jack Bauer killed an arab with explosives/feet (1 point)

The comments are funny too.

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